Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seminary Scholarship

Wow how nice would it be to receive a seminary scholarship or any financial aid for seminary. This would help out so much for the fact that I am in need of some finances to help pay for seminary. I still have to pay the school that I going right now, Reformed Theological Seminary, money and I am not able to continue until I pay for last semester. All I really want to do in life right now is to go to school and learn more about the Lord and then to be able to teach His Word to others and show and be a doer of His Word and talk about how He has change my life for the better. Just knowing that He is my Savior and that I have everlasting life and Him. At this point in my life some times I feel as if I'm not going to be able to continue with school because it seems as if a door has almost open for me and then all of a sudden it closes right in front of me. Or sometimes the wall that is up it just will not come down no matter or how hard I try. That is why I am trust and knowing that the Lord will make a way somehow.

I know that the Lord has lead me to go to Reformed Theological Seminary for a reason. I know he would not have lead me to go to this school and have such a burning desire to learn and to gain knowledgeable about Him just to all of a sudden not make a way for me to continue. I mean His word even says "my people are destroyed of lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6). It's one thing just to have knowledge but for me I need to be a doer of His Word. My heart is set on seeking after Him and it hurts my heart so much when I'm not able to learn about God the way I know He wants me to. I mean some times I have a feeling of "Lord I just want You to just to go ahead and take me out of this world because to me if I'm not doing Your will the way I believe You are calling me to do it, then what am I really here for. Why am I here on this earth? I know it's not just to fail or to always have my hopes up and to see what You want me to do with the life You have given me and then just to have You close the door as soon as it opens. I mean God I trying to walk the path that You have laid out for me. God I need your help so bad right now. I know I'm venting right now but this has been pressing so hard on my heart the last few weeks that I needed to go ahead in let it out some kind of way. So this is my outlet right now.

That is way I feel a seminary scholarship, or monetary blessing from anyone is a blessing. Something I learn from my grandfather, my mother, and my family just in generally. "Ever penny counts". I started to think about what this really means, because I still to this day bend down and pick up ever penny that I see. Even penny adds up without that one cent, one would not be able to make a dollar they would just have 99 cents and still fall short of a dollar. Rather its a dollar or one hundred dollars. Without that penny you would still an up short of want you needed to make it a whole dollar. So if anyone ever wants to give me a penny or 32,000 dollars for Seminary I thank God for you and all that you have done just to bless me with the funds to help me continue with my studies at seminary so I can do the Lords work.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A,B,C's of Life

A,B,C’s of Life

On March 27, 2009 (my sisters birthday btw) while evangelizing in downtown Orlando about the Gospel of Jesus Christ a woman named Teresa Carter, whom was reaped one day and now has AIDS and is homeless and lives in downtown Orlando, came up to me and said “the Holy Spirit led me to give you this piece of paper.” On this piece of paper is the A, B, C’s of Life which she also says it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. She started to go down the list and tell me what each letter of the analphabet stands for. When she got to the latter J she asked me what my name was and I been amazed by the fact that she has never meet me before and shocked that she would ask me what my name was right when she got to the letter J, told her my name is James (which it really is). I was and still am very moved by this encounter. When she got done telling me the A, B, C’s of Life she asked me what do I think A.S.A.P stands for and that I could not say As Soon As Possible. I could not figure it out, but I’m going to give ya’ll a shot at it before I just tell you want it stands for, the answer is down at the bottom after the analphabets. Before I finish talking to her she told me her dream is to one day see this, the A, B, C’s of Life, on the internet (Which also I find amazing because I like been on the internet). So Ms. Teresa Carter I hope and pray to God one day you are able to see your work of the A, B, C’s of Life and which you have blessed me with that it is now on the internet. And also to whoever reads this or shares with a friend, family member, love one, or a group of people that they also be moved and blessed by this. So let the Lord use you in a mighty way Ms. Teresa Cater and whoever reads and shares this.


A. Achieve your every dream.
B. Believe in the power within.
C. Consider other people’s feelings.
D. Do unto others as you have them do unto you.
E. Exalt the LORD at all times.
F. Focus on heavenly things.
G. Get wisdom and knowledge by listening.
H. Hope and Happiness depends on you.
I. Inspire others by the way you live.
J. Justification belongs to the LORD.
K. Kind words cease anger.
L. Love one another as Christ loves you.
M. More you give the more blessing you receive.
N. No one can change you, but the LORD.
O. Open your heart and mind to new ideas, and different horizons.
P. Put on the full armor of God.
Q. Quit procrastinating.
R. Rest in the fullness of the LORD.
S. Stand strong in your faith.
T. Trust the LORD in times of trouble.
U. United we stand, divided we fall.
V. Vision is far as you can see.
W. Walk by faith not by sight.
X. Xcell in everything you do.
Y. Yield not into temptation.
Z. Zero in on your goals!

A.S.A.P (Always. Say. A. Prayer)